national catholic reporter listed under dishonorable mentions

23 Apr

When released the Top 10 Catholic News Sites, they put  the  National Catholic Reporter ( under the “Dishonorable Mentions” list:

National Catholic Reporter on Fr. Z's Blog

National Catholic Reporter on Fr. Z's Blog

“Lovingly called the National Catholic Fishwrap by popular blogger Father Z and others, the supposed Catholic newspaper is a festering wound of heresy and dissent. Though it is rare for articles to call for open dissent – but it does happen – the articles are routinely colored by painting the Vatican and Church hierarchy as a corrupt-white-male-only power structure that is subjecting women, gays and the overall laity to ancient and outdated principles. One must only read the combox of most any article to see that an unadulterated freedom amongst the laity is the only way to castoff the crippling traditions and leaders of the Church and usher in a wondrous New Catholic Church

Top 10 Catholic News Sites (

  1. Vatican News
  2. National Catholic Register
  3. New Advent
  4. Pew Sitter
  5. UK: Catholic Herald
  7. The Vatican – Youtube
  8. Whispers in the Loggia
  9. Life Site News
  10. EWTN News

Also mentioned as Notable Sites:

National Review Online
Jihad Watch
Catholic Vote

Dishonorable Mentions list:

National Catholic Reporter
Mainstream Media “Faith Blogs”

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