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Church Teachings Confirmed by Science

22 Nov


10 Ways that Science Is Proving the Church Is Right and the Culture’s Wrong

Research is constantly producing evidence that we ignore Catholic moral teachings at our peril.

WEB-Eye-Close-Up-Riccardo-Meneghini-CC1. The Church teaches that pride is the root of all vices. Research studies in psychology show that narcissism and irrational thinking are on the rise, especially in our younger generation, and are creating a “community” that is disjointed, disenchanted and confused. The traits of narcissists – self-centeredness, inflated self-esteen, lack of empathy, aggressiveness – are harmful to others, to society, and eventually to the narcissists themselves.

2. The Church teaches that gluttony and sloth undermine the values of food and rest, creating unhealthy conditions that threaten the mind, body and soul. The “Journal of the American Medical Association” reports that almost 70 percent of Americans are overweight or obese, that obesity is a significant threat to mental and physical health and will soon overtake smoking as the leading cause of death.

3. The Church teaches that lust involves treating the human body as a physical commodity rather than as an aspect of the whole human person – an inseparable body, mind and soul – who is the masterpiece of God’s creation and who will live forever. Currently, profits from pornography in the United States exceed the combined revenues of CBS, ABC and NBC (Kimmel, 2008).

4. The Church teaches that a valid marriage is forever and indissoluble. Science tells us that growing up in an intact family with one’s biological parents who are married to eachother confers the greatest benefit to children and other arrangements result in varying degrees of social, psychological, emotional and academic harm.

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Our Lord Jesus Christ the King

21 Nov

Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King: November 23

The Recognition of the Reign of Christ the King (from

The Kingdom of God is revealed by Our Lord Jesus to men who should submit to it in faith. The Kingdom comes to us individually when we recognize our sinfulness and the absolute necessity of the Savior, and begin to reform our lives, believing in and surrendering to the sovereignty of God in the person of Jesus Christ, abandoning habitual sin, if we are adults or of the age of reason, and if infants, through Baptism and the faith of our parents. He said, “the reign of God is at hand! Repent and believe in the Gospel!” [Mark 1:15] Those who fail to do this must face severe judgment. Mt. 11:22-24. But to those who accept the help of God’s grace He promises the sweetness of his yoke [Ibid., ff.]

Jesus, as King of all nations, in Scripture:

The Angel Gabriel announced to Our Lady that the reign of Jesus was to be without end: Luke 1:32-33. This is a declaration from Heaven that He is King by birthright as the Divine Son of God but His kingdom was not of this world. [John 18:36] He said that He would come in majesty with His Angels to judge all nations which will be assembled before Him sitting upon His royal throne: Mt. 25:31-32.

He solemnly proclaimed that full authority has been given to Him both in Heaven and on earth and commanded His Apostles to go out, to Baptize, and make disciples of all the nations.” [Mt. 28:18-19]

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The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

20 Nov


Feast: November 21

Religious parents never fail by devout prayer to consecrate their children to the divine service and love, both before and after their birth. Some amongst the Jews, not content with this general consecration of their children, offered them to God in their infancy, by the hands of the priests in the temple, to be lodged in apartments belonging to the temple, and brought up in attending the priests and Levites in the sacred ministry. It is an ancient tradition, that the Blessed Virgin Mary was thus solemnly offered to God in the temple in her infancy.[1] This festival of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, or, as it is often called by the Greeks, the entrance of the Blessed Virgin into the Temple, is mentioned in the most ancient Greek Menologies extant.

Her first presentation to God, made by the hands of her parents and by her own devotion, was then an offering most acceptable in his sight. Let our consecration of ourselves to God be made under her patronage, and assisted by her powerful intercession and the union of her merits. If we have reason to fear that we criminally neglected this duty at the first dawning of our reason, or, if we have since been unfaithful to our sacred baptismal engagements, such is the mercy and goodness of our gracious God, that he disdains not our late offerings. But that these may be accepted by him, we must first prepare the present he requires of us, that is, our hearts. They must be washed and cleansed in the sacred laver of Christ’s adorable blood, by means of sincere compunction and penance; and all inordinate affections must be pared away by our perfectly renouncing in spirit, honours, riches, and pleasures, and being perfectly disengaged from creatures, and ready to do and suffer all for God, that we may be entirely his, and that neither the world nor pride, nor any irregular passion may have any place in us.

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St. Cecillia

19 Nov

Credit: CCTN YouTube Channel,

CCTN’s new series of short informational videos about our Catholic Saints and the lives they lived.

St. Cecillia
Feastday: November 22
Patron Saint of musicians

Welcome Archbishop Blase Cupich

18 Nov

Credit: Catholic News Agency,

New Chicago archbishop: Be authentic, leave your comfort zone

By Kevin Jones,

Archbishop Blase Cupich at Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral for the Rite of Reception Nov. 17, 2014. Credit: Joshua Lott/Getty Images News/Getty Images.

Archbishop Blase Cupich at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral for the Rite of Reception Nov. 17, 2014. Credit: Joshua Lott/Getty Images News/Getty Images.

Chicago, Ill., Nov 18, 2014 / 04:06 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Newly installed Chicago Archbishop Blase J. Cupich’s first public homily stressed the importance of personal witness “with joy and compassion,” purified of “anger, harshness and fear.”

“Jesus tells all of us today to go back to where our journey of faith began, to be in touch with the joyful experience of being transformed by the intimacy God offers us, to be willing to share it with the next generation,” he said during his installation Mass at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral on Tuesday.

“Young people have always been attracted to authenticity of life, where words match deeds. Let’s not be afraid to let our young people know about our life with God and how it began.”

He encouraged Catholics to “stay close” to young people, in order to “tell them what it means for us to believe, and share with them how the Gospel has brought joy and meaning to us and has transformed our lives.”

Archbishop Cupich, 65, succeeds Cardinal Francis George, who had headed the Chicago archdiocese since 1997. Cardinal George is battling cancer for the third time at age 77 and chose to step down as head of the local Church.

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Thank You Cardinal George

17 Nov

From Father Robert Barron:

Friends, please join me in celebrating the extraordinary ministry of Francis Cardinal George OMI. For the last 17 years, he has led the Archdiocese of Chicago with prodigious wisdom and heroic virtue. Today marks his last day as Archbishop of Chicago.